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Sample Details

This product is Yamanashi's local cuisine "Houto". Houto is a dish which kneaded flour and roughly cut noodles with vegetables with a miso soup. This noodle is generally similar shape to Udon noodle, but especially characterized by wide and thick noodles.
It is made by carefully selected wheat flour and by high quality water coming from "Metori Yuusui" which is the one of the springs near Yatsugatake mountains. The water is also designated as Top hundred Japanese high quality's water.
The chewy texture of unique noodle makes a lot of Houto lovers. Miso soup and grind sesame are set up.
You can make Yamanashi's traditional food with this set.

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545g(Noodle 220g×2packet , Miso 50g×2 Grind Sesame5g)/ Packet x 3 Packet * Free Sample will be sent 1packet.


"Noodle(Wheat、Salt) Soybean Paste(soybean(Not genetically modified)), Rice, Barley, Salt) Glucose fructose liquid sugar, Pork Extract, Salt) White Sesame" Noodle(Processed starch, Alcohol, Glycine) Soybean Paste(Alkohol, Seasoning (amino acids etc.)

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