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Sample Details

Although its call sansho pepper is not actually a pepper. It is more like herb. But it is unique, earthy and tangy with a bit of lemon. When you put directly on your tongue, you’ll notice a sort of tingling sensation. This sansho pepper is from company called Kanjya Sansho-en. They are located along the Arida river in lush mountainous areas of Wakayama Prefecture, Kishu, where sansho trees have been cultivated from old times and a specialty variety called "Budo Sansho" (grape sansho) is originated. Kishu boosts 80% domestic production and its good quality in particular. Its popularity is due to budo sansho which bears large fruits and clusters, rather like a bunch of grapes, as well as good soil for sansho to grow and traditional cultivating skills of growers. Recently, some Chocolatiers in Belgium and restaurants in Europe are start using this sansho pepper for their cuisine as a herb.

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