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Mozuku is a type of edible seaweed in the genus Cladosiphon, naturally found in Okinawa, Japan. One of the popular healthy food in Japan. It has many good beauty benefits too! Usually served in soup or served as raw mozuku with sweet vinegar sauce. Also Mozuku is well known as a source of one type of sulfated polysaccharide called Fucoidan, which is used as a cancer treatment aid and health supplement. This mozuku is produced by company called “SEA PRODU*KT*” located in Kume island Okinawa. Usually mozuku is farmed artificially but this is completely natural growth. Only 5% can be caught in Kume island. Compare to the artificially farmed mozuku, the natural mozuku from Kume island is thicker, higher Fucodain, richer mouth-feel and scarcity value is very high.

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Mozuku, sea salt