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Sample Details

You will know the secret of Japanese beauty! This special blended tea is developed by Mr. Seiji Horibe from Heisei engineering cooperated with Shizuoka University, Shizuoka agricultural high school and Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka prefecture. Shizuoka, where the most famous tea producing area, this tea is blended 5 kinds of tea originated in Shizuoka. By blending those teas, make certain effect for your health. This tea can inhibit fat absorption. Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka prefecture has proven this effect. This is a Japanese healthy green tea. Drink as hot tea is the best way to enjoy this tea.

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72 g (12 g x 6 bags)


Benifuki tea, Honyama tea, Japanese black tea, Roasted green tea, Ginger route, Pine needle, Inulin, Beet sugar, Rice powder