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We are the only place where you can try free Japanese food samples.

Discover new and fantastic Japanese foods!

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With just one click "Bite", you can get free samples from Japan

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Feedback Points!

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STEP 1. Find delicious products that you want to try, and click the "Bite" button to apply.

STEP 2. After the application period closes, we'll start shipping the products. If applications exceed our supply, we'll draw successful participants at random.

*Please note, depending on the destination country, shipments outside of Japan may incur customs fees. Please kindly bear customs fees in your country yourself.

STEP 3. After receiving, it's time to start tasting! Please provide us feedback via the survey sent in the shipping confirmation email. Also, don't forget to leave a comment on product's page to earn more points!

Points Breakdown

Action Points awarded
Yum! for products 50 points
Leave a comment 100 points
Share products 500 points
Answer the survey 500 points
Sign up 500 points
Add profile picture 500 points

Please let us know when you share products on any SNS without using the share button. (By using the share button, your points will be added automatically. )

How it works?

How it works? How it works?

Our vision

The purpose of this service is to help the many Japanese food producers who want to expand overseas, but lack the market information about foreign customers needs, tastes, preferences and trends to do so successfully. We want to solve this problem and help promote greater efforts to export overseas, the many, great Japanese foods only available in Japan. We promote domestic food maker’s products, and organize data collected from your survey and report back to them. Your feedback will help better inform domestic food maker's directly!

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Notice: Shipments outside of Japan may incur customs fees, depending on the destination country.